Introducing our whoopsie broken bath bombs and dust. Perfectly imperfect! Still perform beautifully in your bath tub. The only difference is they didnt make it through quality testing purely because they either broke in packaging process or the painting is incorrect. 
Your bag of whoopsies will be a mixed lucky dip bag of what is available at the time of ordering. It will come in a basic bag with minimal label on it. For details of all the individual bath bombs, this can be found by scrolling through our full collection on here. 
Please be aware, no fancy packaging. 

Whoopsie bath bombs lucky dip mix

SKU: WBB-02-21
  • These items are imperfect and are sold as such.  Lucky dip of broken bath bombs and dust. Basic packaging and basic labelling. For full details on bath bombs included see individual products as listed.

    Caution: External use only. Do not eat. If irritation occurs wash off immediately. Avoid eye area and mucus menbrane. May make bath tub slippery. Avoid over handling bath bomb due to staining.

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place aways from direct sunlight. Follow best before date.Please note: As with all our products they are ALL individually handmade. Therefore, items can look slightly different from those pictured. Not recommended to wash hair in bath water when using this product due to the vibrant pigments.