Volcanic Lava Foot Stone will never lose its effectiveness or shape. Naturally made Volcanic Foot Stone safely assists in the exfoliation of dry, dead skin from the body, hands and especially the feet.  
This simple, yet amazing little stone that fits nicely in your hand is lightweight, with a surface made of tiny little holes. Safest and most natural way to exfoliate and smooth the skin of body, hands and feet.  
A Therapeutic mixture of basaltic minerals, silicon, magnesium, iron and oxygen which creates the holes in the stone easily remove dry, dead skin from body, hands and feet.

Why not team this up with one of our Natural Loofah sponges to make a perfect bespoke gift set with our handmade products.

Volcanic Lava Foot Stones

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  • You may find the volcanic lava stone looses some dust prior to using. This is normal and due to the natural make up of the stone. Use wet, and on ideally damp skin. Do not use if skin is open or irritated. Do not use on the face area.

    Not designed as a toy. Sizes and shapes may vary due to the nature of this product.