Our hand poured vegan friendly soy wax snap bars are made from a blend of soy and other natural waxes . Wax melts work in combination with our wax warmers or can also be used with electric wax heaters. See link below for wax melt warmers.
Wax melt warmers

Recharge is an exquisite, masculine accord starts with an exhilarating rush of lemon and lime, steeped with the distinct essence of just cracked pepper and lashings of rum, followed by an even deeper intensity of caffeine, iris, tuberose and the richness of leather, cedar, amber, tonka and musk for an unforgettable trail of masculine sensuality.

"Recharge" Soy Wax Melt Snap Bar

SKU: RSWM-01-22
  • Our hand poured snap bars are made using vegan friendly soy wax. We recommend 1-2 pieces are added to your wax melt electric or tea light heater to enjoy the beautiful aromas that will fill your work or home space.
    Weight approx 75g
    Glitters are bio-degradable
    Packaging: All our wax melt bars are packaged in compostable bio-degradable packaing. making them eco-friendly.