Our hand poured vegan friendly soy two-toned heart shaped wax melts are made from a blend of soy and other natural waxes . Wax melts work in combination with our wax warmers or can also be used with electric wax heaters. See link below for wax melt warmers.
Wax melt warmers

Petals & Strawberries: (Similar to Comfort Strawberry & Lily) Fresh fruity, floral fragrance, with strawberries, gardenia, violet, jasmine and vanilla.

Made with biodegradable glitters with added botanicals.
Our super cute mini "Melt my Heart" gift box makes a wonderful handmade gift for all occasions. Comes with 12 unique hand poured wax melts.

We offer our snap bars in many different fragrances to suit all tastes

"You melt my heart" Soy wax melt Gift box

  • Our hand poured snap bars are made using vegan friendly soy wax. We recommend 1/2 -1 mini heart is added to your wax melt electric or tea light heater to enjoy the beautiful aromas that will fill your work or home space.
    Caution: Do not eat. 
    Pack contains 12 wax melts
    Biodegradable glitter