These natural rami drawstring soap bags are designed for you to place your favourite soap slice inside. The natural vegetable fibres cause the soap to lather quickly when applied to the skin, it then acts as a exfoliation mitt giving you a 2-in-1 product!
To use, just place your favourite soap shampoo or beard soap inside the bag and pull the drawstrings closed. Use in the shower or bath, lather up the bag and wash your skin as normal with the added benefit of exfoliating at the same time.
TOP TIP: Perfect for ends of soap bars when the soap pieces get too small or fiddly to handle. Simply pop them into the bag, pull the drawstring. use like your regular soap bars. They are a great way to use store your soap bars in the shower without little that messy shower gel trail. Hang them off the shower. Also ideal for traveling with or for festivals, less packaging, store yor soap inside the drawstring bags.
Get Clean, Be Happy!

Natural Rami Exfoliation Shampoo & Soap Mitt Bag

SKU: NS-EM-05-2018