There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain. I challenge anyone who doesnt have a smile on their face when they see this gorgeous fluffy cloud bath bomb and its rainbow of colours pouring out of it when it hits the bath water.

Like all our Vegan bath bombs in our collection this bath bomb contains sweet almond skin conditioning oil and offers an effeurvescent action as well as a foaming action which creates lovely soft bubbles. So no need to add extra bath products, you get it all in one!

Fragranced with the uplifting citrus fragrance of lemon sherbet and our added hit of shimmer with our bio-degradable glitter makes this a perfect self indulgence or as a perfect gift idea for all those that are chasing their dreams and waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.....Why not team it up with our Magical Unicorn Horn or Tails of the Unexpected mermaid tail soap slice and have a full magical gift set?!

Sherbet Lemon Rainbows

SKU: SLR-BB-12-2018


    Caution: External use only. Not suitable for eye area and mucous menbranes or on broken skin. If irritiation ocurrs discountinue use immediately. May make bath tub slippery.
    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place aways from direct sunlight. Follow best before date.

    Directions for use: To enjoy your Lemon Rainbows to its full potential, fill your bath tub half way with water. Then add your bath bomb and watch for a few minutes the array of colours pour out of the fluffy cloudas the water creates as it fizzes and foams. Then add running water as the rest of the bath bomb dissolves to aggitate the water and create more foam and bubbles.

    Best before date: 12 months from opening. See individual items for best before date.

    Please note: As with all our products they are ALL individually handmade. Therefore, items can look slightly different from those pictured.
    Not recommended to wash hair in bath water when using this product due to the vibrant pigments.

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