Introducing our eco-friendly vegetable derived 100% natural bio-degradable alternative to face wipes. No more nasty plastic infused facial wipes for us. All those wipes going to landfill and clogging up our sewage systems. Lets ditch the facial wipes and make the swop to our super konjac sponge.

What is a Konjac made from? It is 100% natural sponge similar to a loofah sponge. Once dry it will harden. It has a soft texture perfect for facial cleansing. It is made out of vegetable fibres of the Japanese Konjac vegetable root. It originated from Japan, first as a sponge for newborn babies more than 100 years ago.



Konjac Facial sponge

SKU: KFS-06-2019
  • When you purchase your sponge it will arrive in a re-useable bag with directions for use on. We recommend saving this bag to keep your sponge in when you travel.

    Replace your sponge every 4-6 weeks depending how often you use it.

    Leave it out to dry after every use.