"Its all a bunch of Hocus Pocus". If you are a lover of the film , spooky season and autumn cozy vibes, then this is the candle for you!
Blended coloured wax with a sprinkle of elegance on top, comes with bamboo wooden lid and witchy decor. 
Think of your fav rich creamy chocolate and you`ll have the deliciously yummy scent of this candle. Beautiful strong fragrance to ensure the aroma fills your living or working space when this candle is lit.

The fragrance is a mixture of hazelnut, milk, cocoa, praline, chocolate, vanilla and caramel. Now if thats not getting your mouth watering nothing will!
We encourage you to upcycle all our candle containers. This one would make a lovely tealight holder. Or why not add your favourite house plant inside to create its own mini terarium.
 What a perfect treat for when the witches are home!


Hocus Pocus Candle

SKU: HP-CC-09-21
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£11.16Sale Price
  • Container: Glass
    Lid: Bamboo
    Burn time approx 40hrs
    Care instructions will be given with product.
    Glitter: biodegradable