Keep your skin feeling radiant even in the cold weather with our easy to grip hand held body scrub brush. 

All year round skin needs exfoliating but especially in the winter as it is when skin is the driest and with our brush you can get that clean luxurious feeling and keep your skin feeling soft to the touch.

Team up with one of our artisan soaps to create a perfect clenasing block to then use your body brush in small circular motions working up the body on the legs, arms, stomach etc.
Once exfoliated use one of our solid lotion bars to replenish moisture and add hydration back into your freshly exfoliated skin.

Hand grip Body Brush

SKU: HG-BB-02-20
  • This item is not a toy.
    Leave your body brush out to dry once used and not soaking in water as this will loosen bristles and damage the woodern base.