The Emporium Enlighten Soy container candle range offers hand poured,100% natural blended soy vegetable wax and coconut wax.

Soy wax is vegetable wax derived from the oil of soybeans. After they are harvested, the beans are cleaned, cracked, dehulled, and rolled into flakes. It is from these flakes that the oil is extracted to then be hydrogenated to be melted and formed into our beautiful candles you see before you.

Our limited edition Candy Cane candle offers a simple, uplifting, sweet peppermint leaf fragrance, reminiscent of festive candy canes that we all know and love!

Candy Cane Soy Container Candle

SKU: CC-SCC-10-20
  • Please see individual candle containers for safety and care advice.

    All candles are sold with our Emporium "Candle Care" instruction cards to ensure you gain the most from your latest purchase. Candles are not designed to be sold as toys. Not suitable for eating.