This unique, one off piece has been desined using fresh, pressed botanicals encased with a resin to give two completely different finishes and allow you to choose the design that suits your mood. The overall design is inspired from a geode style shape. Due to the clear resin this allows the beautiful botanicals to be seen throught the side walls also.

This would make a perfect special gift for someone. Or add a perfect eye catching table top decor to any functional table. 
I can offer bespoke words or names/verse etc to be added to the piece. Please do get in touch via the "contact us" page and ask for a quote.

Botanical Blue 6 Piece Resin Table Top Wine Caddy

SKU: BB-WC6-04-21
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  • Style: Table top resin

    Caution: This item can be placed outdoors for limited times away from direct sun. Please be aware this resin used is not a UV protective one and therefore will discolour over time if left in the sun.
    This item is a one off piece. It is not sold as a toy.