What is an Emporium Brand Ambassador?

Our carefully selected Emporium Brand Ambassador have a love for well-being and pampering whilst caring for our planet. They all enjoy trialing new products (who wouldnt?) and doing market research. Importantly they all enjoy a brew, with a biscuit (or two) whilst learning about our exciting new products, ingredients. They believe in the Emporium brand ethos, our products and what they represent.
We believe, if you love something, you want to tell the world right? That excitement comes from the love of a product and all its wonderfulness. They will share the love for their individual products with you all. Each and every one of our ambassadors will have their fav product(s) and their reasoning behind it. Their personalities will shine through when they showcase their favourites with you all to enjoy.
How does it work?
You will see them sharing via their own social media platforms with images, posts, blogs, vlogs all about the products they want to tell the world about. You will benefit from that love, by learning and understanding more about our brand. Plus, on special occasions gaining limited edition discount codes that you can use to shop via our online store.
What we would love to see, is you then tagging and sharing #SSEmporium in your posts and feeds.

It all helps to spread the love

Meet the team

Yvel head shot.jpeg

I’m nearly 44 years old and a mother of two. I work but I also do a bit of beauty treatments, this is how I met Caroline, she was my beauty teacher.

Caroline has always inspired  me, I love her enthusiasm and I know she works hard to make her products, I love her ethos and the fact she uses good quality ingredients which are also Vegan. 

We all use the bath bombs and soaps at home, they are also brilliant presents for special occasions.
I am proud to be a SSEmporium  ambassador. 


Tina head shot.JPG

I am a firefighters wife, Mum of two boys and a business owner. I am a tree lover feeling at home in nature. Over the last few years Ive really started to consider my impact on the earth and animals around me. Which is what in part drives my passion for SSEmporium.

Emilia head shot.jpeg

My name is Emilia I am 15 years old, I am going to be doing my GCSE next year. I am a ballroom dancer and love anything to do with beauty and cosmetics. 

I love being a SSEmporium ambassador as the products are vegan and Caroline is always producing high quality products which don’t destroy our environment. They are also good if you have sensitive skin like myself.
At my age I suffer with acne breakouts.